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100 Words - Bunnies

Lair did a 100 Words Challenge this week and the theme was Bunnies! Head over there to hear all the entries. I'm going to include mine "below the fold" for anyone that wants to read it instead of hear it.

Baby bun in the store, “Easter’s coming, take me home! Hay to nibble, wires to chew, nose rubs aplenty, and binkies to do!”

Little girl begs, “Daddy, that one!”

Bunny’s adored, for weeks maybe more. Then locked away, alone and ignored.

Set “free” helpless and scared. Danger everywhere, no one to care.

A stroke of luck, someone sees. Hands that comfort, voices that soothe. A vet, a rescue, more bunnies to see.

A visitor comes, bringing their bun. A love connection! Bunnies are going home!

To be loved and treasured in a forever home.

Next Easter? Make mine chocolate please!


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