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80's Nostalgia Fights Back

OK folks, I need some help.

We were having a childhood television nostalgia night here at work while we ate our dinners. This one show came up and we couldn't remember the name of it. I've been googling it and can't find anything. Help?

Here's what I remember...

It was something we watched in school (but I also remember seeing it on PBS), it would have been mid to late 80's. It was reading/writing focused. There were these two kids that had a motorcycle hidden in the garage I think and they'd put on these gloves and get on the bike and then end up in some other universe. There was a bad guy there that also rode a motorcycle and had a huge black cape. He had this greasy little sidekick who rode in the sidecar. There would always be some kind of crisis that they would be able to solve by applying whatever they'd learned in school that day.

Anyone have any memory of this show?


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Definetely PBS, but it wasn't a motorcycle. It was just a plain bicycle. I think "Time" was in the title. But I doubt it. Lot's 'o cheap sparkly effects.


See I kinda had this feeling it was "Time Lords" but then I thought I was mixing it up with my recent Doctor Who watching! Hmmm... I'm off to google!


We are looking desperately for this show. We remember the sparkly effects and I think the villain was overweight and had a beard. He had sunglasses for sure and rode a motorcycle. It had a magic glove involved, and I think it was a math or reading show. It was on PBS for sure. This skinny weasely guy rode in the sidecar to the villains motorcycle. I think there was a guy kid and a girl kid, both around 12 years old. They rode a regular bicycle. It was prolly from around 1985-87. Any info would be mondo.


That is most definately the show! I just can't remember the name of the stinking thing!


I remember this too! I seem to remember the kid helping a mime with reading comprehension, and I definitely remember the villian.


Kokigami... I have no idea who you are, but THANK YOU! That is the show!


oh man, you don't know how long I've been looking for anything about this show!!!I couldn't remember the name just the overweight villian with his beard and cape and sidecar with his evil sidekick and the nerdy guy with his glasses and book :) thank you thank you thank you for having this thread still running!!!!

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