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*Grumble* Stupid Capri Pockets *Grumble*

Well, at some point yesterday my debit card seems to have escaped the boundaries of my pocket. Grr! I searched all over the place yesterday and this morning and it has dissappeared. So I called the bank and they canceled it and are sending me a new one.

I'm sure it's because of this silly pants. They're capris (and these actually look like capris on me!) and the pockets are down near my knees. Things have a tendency to fall out of them. But the other stuff that was in that pocket is still there so I'm not sure how that one thing managed to get out. Of course now that I've gone and canceled the thing I'll probably find it.

This is the reason I have 4 pocket knives. I lose them, buy a new one, find the old one... lather, rinse, repeat.


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