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Well, we were supposed to be in the air 15 minutes ago... As you can tell from my ability to post, we aren't.

There's a broken switch or something, they're trying to find a replacement and are hopingg too take off around 5 CST... an hour late. Oh well. We'll see when we actually (ding) take off.

Update: it is now 5 'till and they say it'll be 15 minutes. I'll believe it when I see it.

Update #2: It's now 5:30 CST, we're still at the gate. Hopefully we'll get to Boston someday!

Update #3: It is now 6:02... We have de-planned and are waiting for a new plane. They say it'll be 10 minutes. I'm not holding my breath!

Update #4: I'm on the jetway! We're boarding! Woot! (It's 6:28 CST)

6:39... Leaving the gate!


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