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Podcast Nonsense

I know, I haven't posted in at least a week. Bad Blogger!

And this is going to be short. I just stumbled across a knitting podcast! I'm going to have to download a couple episodes when I get home from work tonight to see if I like it.

I made the first pathetic attempt at organizing my stash last night. And had to make another trip to the store today for a couple more storage bins. So far I have a VERY full under-bed size plastic bin thats all Caron Simply Soft. Another that has all my cotton. I went and got two more today, one will be for the acrylics and another for everything else. The only bin that's full right now is the Caron bin, the rest have quite a bit of space in them. But I figured it made more sense to start with it organized instead of all squished together and have to change it later.

And now I think I'm going to go work on my sock while I pretend to work! Baby sitting training is such fun.


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Babysititng, eh? ;) I'd say that about fits since my maturity level drops to about 8th grade whenever I screw something up. ;)

I like your knitting smiley, she's very cute. And YAY for getting organized. Maybe that will rub off on you yet! ;)

So why is it that I wasn't awake enough for the movie and now that I'm home I can't sleep?? :P Hope you're having fun!


Well, I think the only thing I did was say "bug" a couple times. So I think that's headed towards the baby-sitting level of training. (my favorite part!)

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