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Witty Title Here

I was checking to make sure something updated and realized that there wasn't anything on this here main blog page. So I'm writting a lame post to make it seem not quite so empty!

I have about an hour and a half until I can leave work... but then I don't have to be back for a whole 9 days. Woot! Vacation rocks!

However, because I'm me I haven't packed yet or gotten the apartment in any sort of readiness for me to be gone for a week. I need to clean critter houses and make sure everything is set for Keva since she's the designanted critter-sitter. Basically that means I won't be getting a heck of a lot of sleep tonight.

I have to catch the 8:45 train to Boston in the morning and then I get to sit around the airport for a few hours waiting for my flight. There just aren't as many trains on the weekends so I end up going earlier than I would on a weekday. But oh well, lots of knitting time! The only thing I have managed to get ready is my mp3 player. Lots of radio programs downloaded and ready to entertain me.

And now I have to go do actual work. See ya!


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