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July 2, 2006


Well, I'm at the airport again, waiting for my flight to Boston.


Update: it is now 3:28 CST and we are all boarded. Assuming nothing funky happens we should be in Boston in a few hours. *crosses fingers*

Update #2: Hey guess what, it's now 4:32 CST and we're still waiting to take off! But of course it'll be just "15 minutes" until we can o. Riiiiight.

Update #3: 4:54pm, they say the plane is fixed, but the flight attendants have "run out of time" so they're switching flight crews and then wee can go.

Arrived... Sort of

Well, we've landed. And it's past 8:45 which means that I've missed the first train and will have to take the later one and won't get home until after midnight. Oy!

July 3, 2006


I am supposed to be at work in 15 minutes and my car will not start.

I have called a taxi.

This isn't going to be a good day.

July 6, 2006

Car Update

Just thought I'd let ya'll know...

My car has returned to me. Yay! It starts and everything. Granted, I'm out 175 bucks for the priveledge... but oh well.

July 12, 2006


I just went downstairs to check my mail (nothing exciting) and there was a note in everybody's doors.

They're doing apartment inspections on Friday.

How on earth am I supposed to get my apartment presentable by Friday? Couldn't they give a girl a little more warning?

July 17, 2006

Socks... Argh!

I'm working on socks for my wonderful mommy. She bought some beautiful Mountain Colors Bearfoot for me to use.

I decided I wanted to do a pattern up the leg part of the things. I haven't done anything beyond a 2x2 rib yet so I figured it was time. I then proceeded to try and frog two different cuffs. (my first time using a lifeline while frogging, the lifeline is your friend!)

So I'm now on cuff number 3. It's from the Cool Socks, Warm Feet book. I think it's called Mermaid socks. Anyway, I didn't realize how much this particular pattern messes with the tension of the finished fabric. (Is that called ease maybe?) The end result is that I have about two inches of leg finished and I'm going to have to frog for a third time because there is no way my mother's foot will fit through this sock!


Time to rethread a lifeline and frog again...

July 20, 2006


I just checked my mail and there's a letter from my landlord.

I had a two bunnys when they did an inspection a year and a half ago and they didn't say anything. Why is it an issue now?

I have no idea what I'm going to do.

I want a hug

July 21, 2006

Spam and Other Annoyances

I'm having some pretty significant comment spam issues. I'm trying to add a "captcha" test to my comments but I'm having a hard time getting it to work properly. So until I do, comments are disabled. Sorry!

In other news...

I found my original lease and it says "two mammals" are allowed and specifically mentions rabbits. Once I can get myself to do it I'm going to go over to the office with that and complain.

Quiz Me!

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I don't usually post these things any more, but the result I got for this one made me giggle. And I needed a giggle! So I'm posting it.

July 22, 2006

Piano Socks!

I finally got around to checking out the July issue of MagKnits, (yeah I don't know what took me so long either) and there's a pattern for piano socks! So much fun. And they're knit in a different way than normal socks, sideways instead of toe-up or cuff-down. Very interesting. And definatelly going on the to do list!

July 23, 2006


Well, it's a little putsy, but thanks to the very helpful Frar, the moblog is working again! Yay!

Comments however, are still broken. Sorry about that!

July 24, 2006


I am not having a good day.

That is all.

I just want to curl up in a corner and give up.

July 26, 2006

My Mommy Rocks

Seriously. My mom is the coolest.

That's all, I just had to share that.

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