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Socks... Argh!

I'm working on socks for my wonderful mommy. She bought some beautiful Mountain Colors Bearfoot for me to use.

I decided I wanted to do a pattern up the leg part of the things. I haven't done anything beyond a 2x2 rib yet so I figured it was time. I then proceeded to try and frog two different cuffs. (my first time using a lifeline while frogging, the lifeline is your friend!)

So I'm now on cuff number 3. It's from the Cool Socks, Warm Feet book. I think it's called Mermaid socks. Anyway, I didn't realize how much this particular pattern messes with the tension of the finished fabric. (Is that called ease maybe?) The end result is that I have about two inches of leg finished and I'm going to have to frog for a third time because there is no way my mother's foot will fit through this sock!


Time to rethread a lifeline and frog again...


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