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All I Want for Christmas...

By request I'm putting links to my various wish lists... and some other things that I would love. Here goes!

On Amazon I have three different lists:
Knitting related stuff is: here
DVD's and music are: here
Everything else is: here

Other things that would rock...
I'd love a second swift. Yeah, I know I have one already, a second one would make setting up and dying large skeins easier.
Sock yarn is always wonderful, as is dishcloth cotton. (just no mohair!)

Add-on lenses for the camera are fun (they'd need to have 58mm threads to fit on the front of my lens)

Websites where I don't have wish lists but have lots of cool stuff...
Think Geek (there is an awesome half-keyboard thing here, and lots of nifty toys and t-shirts.
Knit Picks (cheap yarn, need I say more)
Webs (ginormous yarn store in MA)
Best Buy (yeah, there's geeky goodness there)

Of course I'm sure there's plenty of other things that would be lovely :)


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