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I think I might be slightly allergic to mohair. I've knitted with it in the past, this little guy is mohair, and the Mom socks are Mountain Colors Bearfoot which is 25% mohair. When I knit both of those projects I found them a little itchy, but I thought it was just 'cuz mohair tends to be a little bit itchy.


I've been working on a scarf of my own design using the Mountain Colors again and I'm noticing that when I work on it My hands and arms get kinda itchy as does my face. The scarf has this beaded design on it which means I'm going for my crochet hook and adding beads on 3 of every 8 rows. I usually hold the hook in my mouth while I'm on a beading row so that would be allergen transfer to my face. Ack!

I'm going to finish this scarf because I like it and I think it's going to turn out really cool. But I think I'm going to avoid mohair content in the future!


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