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I just spent the last hour updating the Book Blog. I had 5 or 6 books in there as unpublished entries because I hadn't written anything up about them yet. So I went through and got them all done and published!

It seems that I didn't read anything between August and December of this year though! That doesn't seem like it can be right. I'm sure I must have read something during that time. It's not like me to not have a book or three going all the time so I'm thinking I must have forgotten to write one down somewhere along the way.

I desperately need to do the same thing to the Knitting Blog. I'm at least 6 or 7 projects behind on my posting over there. Actually, I think it might be more than that. Ahhh! I have most of them sitting there as draft posts, I just need to get pictures edited and uploaded and make the entries presentable. Here's hoping I get to that soon!


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