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March 3, 2008


Please excuse the mess...

It isn't too bad, but there's some definite weirdness in a few places. I've upgraded to MT 4.1 and need to do some housecleaning to get everything back to normal.

March 22, 2008

Woot (I Hope!)

I just spent the last couple hours doing a touch of redesigning and I think it worked.

So the main page will now show the last 10 entries across all the blogs in order. Instead of just the last entry from each one. There's links over on the right that go to the main page for each individual blog, and I think I have the comments fixed. I know they're fixed for sure on the book blog and the photoblog. I'm going to go check the other three now, but I know what was wrong with them so it's a quick fix and by the time anyone reads this it'll probably be done.

March 27, 2008


After about a week of working at it I have finally caught up on all the books in the book blog! I'd managed to get myself a little more than two months behind on posting and at the rate I've been reading lately that was upwards of 25 books.

But they're all there now! If you're ridiculously curious to see them all you'll have to go to the actual blog (there's a link over there on the right on the main page or near the beginning of this post) and go through the monthly archives.

My next project is going to have to be getting the knitting blog back up to date. That one's very out of date too.

March 29, 2008

I Am A Colossal Geek

In case it weren't already ridiculously obvious...

I am typing this one-handed. There's this nifty keyboard that will do this, but it seemed there must be a software version. After a little looking I found a utility that lets you assign "hot-keys" to do just about anything. In their forums someone had a script that did just that.

What it does is it uses the space bar as a modifier. When you hold down the space bar while pushing a key it outputs the key your other hand would hit in that same space. If you can touch-type it's honestly not that difficult to figure out. So, while this is taking me a bit longer than normal, it should be a pretty fast learning curve.

However! Fast two-handed typing confuses the thing so turn it off if you're a fast typer (which I am)

Hee! I'm a dork!

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