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I Am A Colossal Geek

In case it weren't already ridiculously obvious...

I am typing this one-handed. There's this nifty keyboard that will do this, but it seemed there must be a software version. After a little looking I found a utility that lets you assign "hot-keys" to do just about anything. In their forums someone had a script that did just that.

What it does is it uses the space bar as a modifier. When you hold down the space bar while pushing a key it outputs the key your other hand would hit in that same space. If you can touch-type it's honestly not that difficult to figure out. So, while this is taking me a bit longer than normal, it should be a pretty fast learning curve.

However! Fast two-handed typing confuses the thing so turn it off if you're a fast typer (which I am)

Hee! I'm a dork!


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