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It Never Fails

Every time I think I've seen every weird thing drivers around here do, something new and strange happens.

On my way in to work this afternoon I was behind someone turning left. So I'm waiting for them to make it through the intersection, they finally get through but on the yellow. The light turns red, and I stay put to wait for it to turn green again.

After maybe 5 or 10 seconds the person behind me starts beeping at me. I figured I'd completely zoned out and the light switched, glance up... nope, still red. So I point at the light and look back at him going "It's red!" The guy is behind me gesturing and all disgusted at me. It looked like he wanted me to go through the intersection. On the red light.

It finally turned green and I went through and this dude turned left behind me so I only saw him for a few more seconds, but he went through his turn just shaking his head all disgusted at me.

It didn't make me mad or anything, it just confused the daylights out of me. What exactly did he want me to do? How is stopping at a red light a bad thing? It makes me wish there were some way to track the guy down and ask him what on earth his problem was.


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I used to see at least one blatant left turn on red a week when I was living there.


Oh I know! I see people do it, I just can't imagine the mindset that would try to get someone else to do it! Right turn on red... fine, no problem. LEFT turn on red? Not so much.

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