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November 9, 2008

Dear Family and Friends

So today was sock washing day which always reminds me of the number of socks I own. Which currently sits at 19 pair with a 20th on the needles. Granted, this isn't really a huge problem and it has the advantage of knowing that none of them will wear out any time soon since each pair only gets worn, on average, once every three weeks. But it is getting a little ridiculous, which means I really need to inflict socks on other people!

So if any of you want socks at some point I need to know how big your feet are. At a minimum that'd be how long they are, but the measurement around the ball would also be helpful. Feel free to leave a comment here, or on facebook if you're reading this there, or send me an e-mail, whatever.

Also... I don't know if this would be fun for anyone but me but I figure I'll bring it up anyway. I was wondering if, while I'm home in December, anyone wants to have a little sock yarn dying get together? If anyone's interested you'd dye your own skein of sock yarn and then at some point after that I'd turn it into a pair of socks for you (or if you're Mom you can do the knitting your own self!) I'd need to order blanks beforehand, but the place I buy those ships pretty darn fast so it isn't like I need to place an order in the next two days or something.

If anyone in Rhode Island wants to do this I'd be totally up for doing something here too.

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